🇺🇲 What to do this week-end in Montreal !

From October 14 until 29, at  the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, you will have the chance to see the play ‘ The Mountaintop’ written by Katori Hall . It’s a fantastic activity if you are looking to do something different, this week-end in Montreal.

The play is about Martin Luther King ’s last night before his assassination, on April 3 1968. The whole play takes place in the famous Lorraine Motel , where Kings was resting after he gave his legendary speech I Have Been to the Mountaintop. Katori Hall’s mission was to present a more human side of the great man. and she does it perfectly in this characters play.

You can listen to my interviews with Eo Sharp the Set and Costume Designer and with  the 2 stars of the play Letitia Brookes and Tristan D. Lalla on Soundcloud, Itunes or directly here : 








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